Testimonials for www.onlinelidocaine.com from a few of our customers

Testimonials for www.onlinelidocaine.com from a few of our customers

Submitted by Aaron on July 17th 2013

“I really just wanted to let you all know that i do appreciate making your Lidocaine product available for us regular peple to purchase it. I have
tried to buy from 2 different companies (which i will not mention) and the products were NOT at all pure product.
I make Lidocaine injections for survival kits and sell them therefore, i must have pure lidocaine products not mixed or tainted.
I have purchased from you now for over a year now and have always had perfect results.
Thank You for being consistant and reliable!
One very satisfied customer,

Submitted by Cassia on July 23th 2013

“Cannot praise you enough, really really! I’ve been searching for a company like you forever now.
There is not another product on the internet that comes close to your lidocaine hcl powder.
Been there tried all of them out there… onlinelidocaine.com beats them all!”
Keep it up ,

Submitted by Chris on Sept 2nd 2013

Onlinelidocaine.com is the only company i trust out of all the others who sell similar products. They always ship out fast and their products
are always top notch! I also like that they go through Paypal for using credit cards.
Thank You,

Submitted by Jason on August 22nd 2014

OnlineLidocaine.com is where i go to buy all my products. Ive been buying from this company for 5 years now and they have always
been able to get my product to me fast, give me the purest products and they are superb at customer service,
i can email them with anything and get a response quick. I bought from Lidoking, 1 time before i bought from www.onlinelidocaine.com
and i never received my product from Lidoking site!, wtf!) Point being www.onlinelidocaine.com kicks ass and is the only way to go.”


Submitted by Jenna on August 25th 2014

“I love this company. We own a online survival company and we send all of our customers here to buy product for
their kits! They always have fast shipping and the purest products. We and our customers have nothing buy great things to say about them.
always a happy customer,

Submitted by Raquel on October 7th 2014

“Package arrived today. Thanks for the fast delivery. Finally there is an online company that delivers as promised.”

Submitted by Suzanne on October 15th 2014

“They sent the powder out the same day or the next day. Products are pure. I’m their client for some time….Recommended”
Thanks so much ,

Submitted by Baron on November 2nd 2014

“I live in the United Kingdom and they have always shipped my product same day, gotten it to me everytime and has the purest lidocaine hcl
powder out there.”
Cheers ,

Submitted by Jillian on July 17th 2014

“We have a survival website and we send all of our customers to www.onlinelidocaine.com , we tried many other sites to test their products
before recommending our customers to them however, they didn’t even come close to measuring up to the service, product and reliability of
www.onlinelidocaine.com Now we send everyone to them to get the same superb service.”
Lifelong Customer,

Submitted by Debbie on November 6th 2014

“I am an athlete with all the ensuing consequences. I have stenosis and muscle spasms. Sometimes, especially after a long training,
I can’t fall asleep in the night due to severe pain. That’s why my life is next to impossible without lidocaine. This is the only source of soothing relief for me.

Submitted by John on November 9th17th 2014

“We buy Lidocaine hcl from www.onlinelidocaine.com , they have a pure product. We make Lidocaine Shots from liquifying the Lidocaine powder.
Your product has to be pure in order to make Lidocaine Shots! We have been buying from them for 2 years now and they
have never let us down.

thanks ,

Submitted by Pamela on November 9th 2014

“Hate taking pills but when you are constantly in pain you just have to. Lidocaine works good for pain and this is
all I want from it. What really impressed me is the speed of delivery of this online pharmacy. Well done!

Submitted by Spencer Hernandez on November 10th 2014

“After I got into a car accident last year my back is as if always in fire. The pain never stops, even at night. Since the very beginning of my problems
I use Lidocaine. This medication helps me keep my mind in order, because the relief it delivers to me is the only reason why
I’m still alive. www.Onlinelidocaine.com
All my thanks ,

Submitted by Nick on November 14th 2014

Onlinelidocaine.com always gets my orders to me fast and without problems. I order large amounts of lidocaine powder and they pack
tightly and privately so it gets to me, in Australia without any issue ”
All my thanks ,

Submitted by Sven on December 13th 2014

“I order from onlinelidocaine.com every week and my orders have always gotten to me in perfect condition, and i live in France, and they have always had the highest quality.  Their products are far superior to others out there.”
Much thanks ,


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