If you are looking for buying Lidocaine HCL & Benzocaine USP powder, you are in the Right place. Here is why.

 The Premium Quality Product:

We have the premium quality of Lidocaine HCL & Benzocaine USP powder, that is 99.9% pure. We don’t compromise on the Quality. Our vision is to provide the Purest and Best Quality product to the people. Because everyone deserves the best.  The pharmaceutical grade- product is available at the lowest prices any individual can afford. Not only that we also provide the product to researches, businesses, medical and educational institutions around the world.


Premium Quality Services:

Buy lidocaine Powder or Lidocaine Powder online at our website and you will get the premium shipping services. That’s with no shipping charges. Free shipping, worldwide. Our exclusive Free shipping services are extremely fast and can arrive within 24hours.  All this in just two steps. Select the product and clear the payments, and within a day you will get it delivered at your doorsteps.



About Benzocaine USP Powder:


  • Benzocaine Powder is used as a local anesthesia for sore throat, toothache and dental irritation.
  • It is prescribed for earache and local surgeries.



About Lidocaine HCL:


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